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  • product name: Pour over coffee dripper
  • Added time: 2016-04-12
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Stainless steel pour over coffee dripper

Haocheng is a professional stainless steel pour over coffee dripper manufacturer,we have more than ten years manufacturing experience.We supply best quality and best price coffee filtering products. We look forward to working with you.

1.Material: food grade stainless steel 304(18/8) or Titanium coated(gold color)
2.No bother of buying or preparing paper filters
  Highly innovative double-layered mesh design
  Easy to use and clean
  Can be with removable cup-stand
  The fabulous alternative to disposable paper filters,which rob your coffee of essential oil and nutrients
3.Packing:single Carton box or customized box
4.Logo:can be customized as request
5.Sample: stainless steel or gold pour over coffee dripper are all available