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  • Added time: 2016-03-24
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FeCrAl Wire Mesh
1.Material:1Cr13AL4,1Cr12AL4,0Cr21AL6,0Cr23AL5,0Cr25AL5,0Cr21AL6Nb, 0Cr27AL7Mo2
2.Mesh Count: 2-200 Finest wire: 0.06mm
3.Weave: Plain weave, twill weave 
4.Max working temperature
1Cr13Al4 - 950 degree.
1Cr21Al4 - 1100 degree.
0Cr21Al6 - 1250 degree.
0Cr23Al5 - 1250 degree.
0Cr25Al5 - 1250 degree.
0Cr21Al6Nb - 1350 degree.
0Cr27Al7Mo2 - 1400 degree.
FeCrAl wire mesh is also called FeCrAl alloy woven wire mesh, heating resistance alloy woven wire mesh, electro thermal alloy mesh. It has features of
Heating resistance
Oxidation resistance
Sulfur resistance
High surface load
High electrical resistivity
Long lasting and durable
The FeCrAl wire mesh is mainly used as the drying and heating equipment in metallurgy, colliery, dyeing, food factory, hospital, high density board factory and so on.
The FeCrAl wire mesh is an ideal heating resistance material in the industry electric furnace, household appliances, gas burners and infrared device.